The RCH - Microscopy (Relief Contrast after HOSTOUNSKY) represents novel mode of observation in transmitted light of an optical microscope and is suitable for observation of objects with low natural contrast. This particular method is based on the interaction at movable lateral (relief) diaphragm (placed in specially designed condenser) between monochromatic light and the specimen. The actual invention is represented by especial RCH - condenser enabling continuous adjustment of the relief effect and light wavelength. The objectives used are either standard achromatic ones although planachromatic or apochromatic objectives can also be used. Manufacturing of RCH condenser has been accomplished by Lambda Ltd., Prague /formerly Meopta, Prague.


More detailed information can be obtained about the objects examined (3D effect, greater resolving power, better contrast) compared to an ordinary optical microscope even in situations when objectives if lower magnification are used (e.g.40x objective instead of homogenous oil immersion l00x). In many cases the image is comparable with results obtained while applying much more complex and considerably more costly equipment such as differential-interference contrast after NOMARSKI, HOFFMAN´s modulation contrast etc.

The fields most likely to benefit from the use of the device include medial diagnostics, research in scientific laboratories school training as well as monitoring the natural environment. The advantages of HOSTOUNSKY´s Relief Contrast method can be appreciated by scientists studying living objects/bacteria, protozoa, fungi, algae, cells in tissue culture, blood cells, sperm cells/ as well as paraffin sections, imprints of animal or plant surfaces etc. Industrial applications include quality assessment of wooden or textile fibre. Its use in forensic research is also of potential interest.

Pictures have been made by Lambda Microscope DN45 TH4 FA with RCH condenser (click to enlarge pictures)

Vorticella Sp.
mag. 40x
Compare the difference
Outer peel of the onion
mag. 40x
Stauroneis Phoenicenter
mag. 160x
Stauroneis Phoenicenter
mag. 240x

Human root hair
mag. 40x
Trematoda Dolfustrema
mag. 16x
Trematoda Dolfustrema
mag. 40x
Chiranomus Sp.
mag. 40x





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