LAMBDA PRAHA Ltd. is as a sole producer of laboratory biological microscopes and optical components in Czech Republic that represents one of few firms worldwide being in position to produce microoptics and high magnifying microobjectives of the top quality. Our microscopes and optical components are characterised a long standing tradition /production of microscopes has been founded in 1919/ and accuracy.

Products of our factory bearing more than 40 years trade mark MEOPTA /because belonged to the MEOPTA group/ have been exported practically to the whole world.

In the year 1993 has been established LAMBDA PRAHA Ltd. and took over the factory. Owners of LAMBDA are specialists in opto-mechanical production having been with MEOPTA.
Our nowadays production is concentrated on biological routine microscopes of middle class used in laboratories, hospitals, universities etc. The construction is solved as a block building system and you can get more or less sophisticated models by changing of different parts e.g. binocular head, monocular tubes, stages condensers etc. Further we produce wide assortment of components in microoptics, middle range optics and high performance prisms.





Optical Components

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Musilkova 12/488, 150 00, PRAGUE 5, CZECH REPUBLIC
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